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Online learning platform with hands-on exercises for Azure-professionals

We offer a learning platform with hands-on exercises for Azure-professionals. Users login to their Azure portal and select an interesting exercise. A real-life scenario with a bug will be setup. Now it is up to the professionals to use their troubleshoot skills and Azure knowledge to solve the issue.
With our platform you could for example challenge your Azure engineers to keep learning besides their day-to-day work.
Another advantage is that your employees can train for their Azure certifications, like Az-900, AZ-104, AZ-900 etc

To get access to the training environment you need to buy a monthly subscription per employee. And you will be able to stop the subcription at any moment afterwards.
When buying you Azure professional will get access to our full library of exercises.

As an extra option, you can also enable the clean-up services. This services will remove all unused resources at the end of the day. Thus making sure your don't pay for Micosoft azure resources you don't use anymore.

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