Leave Days

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The most efficiënt time- and leaveregistration system

We at Leavedays have known for over 10 years that most
companies consider leave and time registration a side issue. As little time as possible should be spent on it, but it is
important that the process runs smoothly and precisely. Our main objective is to keep these goals in mind, and optimize the
course of this procedure. We are dedicated to making these ‘minor issues’ run easily and efficiently, so that core business
can be your point of focus.

We create intelligent software which enables your employees to request leave and register their work hours easily and swiftly.
This will save you as well as your employees heaps of time. Managers can instantly view an employee’s request within the
context of the whole company’s scheduling; requesting and assessing leave has never been so easy. The advantage for HR is
that the registration and processing happens automatically. The administration of statutory and exceeding statutory leave
days occurs correctly, and without interference. We can offer an integrated view of all instances of presence and absence,
such as: senior and seniority days, reduction in working hours, shifts, overtime, sick leave, and time registration. Interested?
Request a demonstration free of obligation. We would be happy to tell you more about the possibilities. If so desired, we
can make you a befitting offer.

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