Conexiom Intelligent Document Processing for Manufacturers and Distributors

por Conexiom

Instantly extract, transform, and deliver data from emailed POs and Invoices to an ERP

For Azure customers who are manually processing emailed documents including purchase orders, order acknowledgements, and AP invoices, Conexiom can free up your team from manual data entry. Conexiom’s Touchless automation technology instantly extracts the data from an emailed document with 100% accuracy, transforms the data to its final format according to predetermined business rules and logic, and delivers the correct data directly to your system of record so emailed documents are processed quickly and accurately – all without a human in the loop.

Conexiom enables your business to:

  • Fulfill Customer Orders on-time and Accurately: Conexiom removes your reliance on manual data entry with 100% accurate Touchless Automation across your critical document types. By removing the human element to order entry, you can fulfill orders faster and more accurately
  • Accelerate Order to Cash: The faster you can process your orders and deliver data directly into your ERP, the faster your business gets paid. By automating your orders with Conexiom, you can seamlessly deliver data directly into your ERP to decrease your time-to-cash
  • Increase Efficiency: Manual order entry not only wastes time, but it also wastes money. Instead of allocating headcount to your highest-value business initiatives, your employees spend countless hours entering data manually into your systems. By automating your order and invoice processing, you can drive cost savings and re-focus your employees on moving the needle for your business, not entering data
  • Boost Customer Satisfaction: Your customers are happy when they receive their orders on time and in full, particularly when there are so many market forces impacting manufacturing and supply chain timelines. By automating order and invoice processing with Conexiom, you can ensure that every customer feels confident in your ability to get all of their orders fulfilled fast and with 100% accuracy

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