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A Scalable and Customizable Inventory Management Solution

CoreIMS is a feature rich Inventory Warehouse Management System. It provides real-time inventory visibility and accountability across all locations and warehouses in your organization. Inventory Reports provide management with complete and accurate information.


MULTIPLE WAREHOUSES: each stock is associated with location in the warehouse; unlimited number of warehouses and locations within each warehouse.

RECEIVING AND SHIPPING: stock movements are tracked with receiving, shipping and transfer orders. Full support of serialized/non-serialized items, expiration dates, lot number, transaction history tracking, and user-defined custom fields. Cross Docking support.

STORING: pallets and containers are supported in locations. Authorized users can assign attribute, put stock on hold, move, receive or ship inventory. All actions are recorded in the transaction history.


  • Miltiple UOM
  • Custom Fields
  • Simple access control
  • Complete transaction history
  • Ownership for 3PL operations
  • Front End


  • Inventory
  • Order Status
  • History
  • Power BI


  • Against PO/Unexpected receipt
  • Partial receipts/ un-receive
  • Orders and Receipts documents
  • Pallet/container labeling
  • Cross Docking
  • Return Tracking


  • Against SO/Unexpected
  • Partial shipment/ Un-ship
  • Forward pick locations
  • Order allocation
  • Pending shipment
  • BOL and packing list


  • Item Dashboard
  • Class/Category/Type
  • Forward picking and preferred locations
  • SKU and UPC support
  • Bill of Material
  • Item Images


  • Cycle counts
  • Locations and LPN
  • Physical inventory
  • Adjustments
  • Movements
  • Statuses/Holds


  • Lot and Serial number tracking
  • Multi-SKU pallets
  • Pallets/Containers
  • Custom Fields
  • Kitting Work Order
  • Manufacturing Work Order


  • Replenishment levels per site
  • Min/Max quantity
  • Notifications


  • QuickBooks, Sage
  • Worldship
  • EDI and REST API


  • Multiple Barcodes
  • RF barcode scanners support
  • Label printing

Customization and Enhancements

CorePartners can configure, customize, and develop client specific solutions. Ranging from custom reports to integrations with third party systems, to developing new functionality based on client needs.

Available Editions

  • WEB BASED: SaaS, also can be installed on premises.
  • DESKTOP: Saas, on-premises, has a rich client with one click installation technology.
  • DISTRIBUTED: used in areas where internet is not accessible at all times such as on a fleet of ships that can sync to central warehouse with limited internet accessibility.

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