Creitive - Solution for Digital Wallet


Creitive - Solution For Building Digital Wallet

With CreITive digital wallet solution, we use the Leanovation framework to build a digital wallet that is suited to your users' needs. The digital wallet will cover the end to end journey included digital insuance, digital receipt, send payment and etc. The digital wallet can further enhance with features like paying with a tokenised card through the point of sale terminal, rewards & loyalty, bill payments, spend tracking, card controls and many more.

Using Leannovation, we leverage 4Ds to build a strong case around the validated idea and turn the idea into a disruptive product.


We use design thinking to help organizations innovate. It will be hands-on brainstorming sessions with stakeholders to identify the problem or the opportunity and conceptualize the possible solutions. The goal is to focus on the what, the who and the why so that the team can work out how.


Once we have honed in on to the problem and/or the opportunity, and strong ideas have been generated. Designing the solution is the next step where we engage in a cyclical process of prototyping, in which we gather feedback from all stakeholders by letting them experience an abstract version of the future solution.

The goal is to end up with a clear vision of the final solution, while minimizing the time and effort invested, by getting crucial feedback in the early stages of the solution design.


Develop phase has one goal, and one goal only - to turn our beautifully designed and validated solution into a fully functional and thoroughly tested product, ready to meet its first users.

This is done through an agile approach, more specifically, within the Scrum framework.

At the end of this phase, we will be proudly looking at the product which will, as we have ensured in previous phases, meet the expectations of the future users.


Once a product reaches this stage, it’s already actively providing the necessary business value - which is why being in this stage implies success.