Crosser IoT Cloud


Crosser IoT Cloud, where all the data flow design and edge node orchestration takes place

Crosser Flow Studio

We are obsessed with usability and low life-cycle cost and have designed the Flow Studio to allow non-coders to design, deploy and manage data flows with ease. The Flow Studio is a drag-and-drop visual design tool where you select and connect pre-built building blocks, called modules, to develop your data flows. The Flow Studio is a central component of the Crosser IoT Cloud.

There are three main types of modules in a rich and ever expanding library:

  • Collector modules
  • Compute modules
  • Action Modules

There is also an open SDK which allows you to build your own custom modules.

Fight Complexity with Simplicity

  • Build advanced data flows with drag-and-drop
  • Use a library of pre-built functionality modules and connectors
  • Save your flows as FlowApps - templates to re-use
  • Build a flow from scratch in minutes or re-use existing flows in seconds
  • Full flexibility in data formats, no restrictions, neither in nor out

Crosser Edge Director - Node Orchestration

The Edge Director is packed with smart features designed to address and automate provisioning, deployment, mass-configuration changes and software updates.

  • Crosser IoT Cloud is a multi-tenant service which runs on Microsoft Azure
  • Only control data and usage statistics flow between the Crosser IoT Cloud and the Crosser Nodes
  • Crosser IoT Cloud doesn't see any of your company data while you control and run your Crosser Nodes
  • Once the Flow configuration is deployed the node can run autonomously without the Cloud

There are many operational challenges to consider in order to secure the lowest possible life-cycle cost and secure project success.

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