Crypteron Data Security

por Crypteron

Need data encryption and key management? Crypteron integrates in minutes.

Data security is hard. Crypteron makes it easy. Get the premier data encryption and key management platform for enterprises building cloud applications. Crypteron's patented technology enables sophisticated data encryption and key management in your applications in minutes - instead of months and years. Avoid risky custom code sprinkled everywhere. and get compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, PCI and many others.

Why do people love Crypteron? Here are some reasons. Developers love Crypteron because it takes care of all underlying security infrastructure plumbing and lets them focus on code. Engineering Managers love Crypteron because all their developers become security experts too. IT operators love Crypteron because there is no additional security infrastructure to maintain. CISOs love Crypteron because they get a one-click data breach response and bring a consistent, well designed, repeatable security architecture across the enterprise and across various cloud providers.

Discover for yourself. Simply click the 'contact us' button to immediately be emailed a link to your trial environment. No waiting, no pushy sales calls. Just ridiculously productive tech.


  • Integrate in minutes with .NET and Java agent libraries
  • Secures all data types (SQL, NoSQL, Objects, Files, Streams etc.)
  • One-click response to data breaches
  • Strong encryption and tamper protection
  • Seamless key management including secure key storage, distribution and caching
  • Multi-tenancy support and access control rules
  • Audit logs
  • One-click key revocations and rotations

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