CuroGens Learning Academy for Dynamics 365

por CuroGens

Training solutions to get the most out of your D365 investment

You are upgrading to the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics. But do your employees know what to do with it? CuroGens Learning Academy can train both your technical and administrative employees to give them the expert-level Dynamics 365 skills they really need to do their jobs better. CuroGens Learning Academy for Dynamics 365 will: Target Knowledge Gaps - First, an adaptive gate test is administered specifically to identify knowledge gaps. The gaps are bridged by applying CuroGens Learning Academy's five-in-a-row technology and multi-level quizzes. These technologies validate that an individual understands and retains the content, and is able to apply the learned information. Improve Problem Solving Capabilities - Identify an employee’s existing knowledge and skills. Trainers then also can measure an employee’s ability to apply this knowledge to solve problems on the job. This puts the narrow emphasis on the training each individual needs to be successful. Employ data reporting - Built-in dashboards for each stakeholder simply illustrate employee or company-wide progress and performance.

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