Supplier Innovation Ideation VAVE Portal


Solicit, track and manage ideas from your suppliers (VAVE / cost saving ideas, Innovation)

Supplier innovation empowers organizations to identify innovations and bring them to market faster.
Welcome to our premier ideation portal web app solution, revolutionizing the way you
(1) Solicit ideas from your suppliers for VAVE / Cost Savings, Innovation.
(2) Manage the ideas, through systematic and AI augmented idea ranking.
(3) Collaborate with Internal Staff and Suppliers advance ideas faster, and create accountability.
Our intuitive platform provides a seamless experience for idea submission, collaboration, and management.
Engage your team and stakeholders in a dynamic environment where creativity thrives. From Supplier idea generation to evaluation and implementation, our solution empowers you to foster innovation from your suppliers. Experience the power of efficient ideation with our state-of-the-art web app today. Unleash the potential of your ideas and transform them into tangible results.

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