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JiVS helps to manage the entire lifecycle of company data independently of systems and applications.

JiVS IMP  helps to manage the entire lifecycle of company data independently of systems and applications. 

JiVS IMP is the only information management platform to provide:

  • Data unload at the push of a button
  • 2000 predefined objects (SAP and non-SAP)
  • Certified platform leveraging latest technologies
  • Multiple cloud servers/databases
  • Open platform for Artificial Intelligence, Application Programming Interfaces, Internet of Things, Big Data, etc.
  • Retention Management for GDPR
JiVS IMP is an end-to-end solution from data load to data deletion. It is a specialized solution for data migration, application retirement and retention management. JiVS IMP provides all the components for data management.

25% Lower TCO

JiVS IMP reduces costs and increases a company’s agility not only before and during, but also after the migration. 

50% Lower Migration Costs

 With JiVS IMP, the data volume in operations can be reduced by 75%. This generally reduces migration costs by 50%.

Decommissioning of Legacy Systems

JiVS IMP stores legacy data and documents with their business context. Consequently, customers can completely decommission and dispose of legacy systems. This allows them to start the race towards SAP S/4 HANA or SAP C/4 HANA from the pole position.

80% Lower Operating Costs

In general, JiVS IMP reduces operating costs by 80% compared to the continued operation of legacy systems. 

100% Legal Security and Access to Information

Regulations as GDPR, CCPA or others make deleting personal data mandatory. This means 100% legal security with 100% access to information.

One Platform for Many Legacy Systems

JiVS IMP supports more than 2,000 business objects as well as various databases, ranging from SAP to non-SAP systems. 

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