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Manage, monitor, and support clients remotely

Datto RMM is the MSPs’ choice for Remote Monitoring and Management: security-focused, cloud-based, and designed for easy implementation and scalability. Manage multiple endpoints with the flexibility to monitor and mitigate risk with a centralized view that provides a modern user experience with intuitive navigation, powerful search capabilities, and insightful dashboards.

Next-Generation RMM for the Modern MSP

With Datto RMM, MSPs can proactively monitor client IT environments and keep their support teams ahead of issues, allowing for faster response and a better customer experience. Here’s what makes Datto RMM ideal to secure, manage and support your client’s IT infrastructure:


Our comprehensive security approach starts by protecting the Datto RMM infrastructure and applications through a combination of processes, frameworks, and product culture. Additionally, we provide MSPs with the tools they need to secure themselves and their clients in the backdrop of a constantly evolving threat landscape. Some highlights of Datto RMM’s security approach:
  • Native ransomware detection
  • Robust patch management
  • Ranked in the top 20% of all companies undergoing their Building Security in Maturity Model (BSIMM) assessment

Powerful Network Visibility

Quickly find and visualize all devices on the network, while maintaining an up-to-date view through a combination of:
  • Network Topology Maps
  • Automated network mapping
  • Continuous network discovery

Automation Made Easy

Drive efficiency in your service delivery by automating frequent tasks. Datto RMM offers a wide range of automation capabilities that are easy to set up and manage:
  • Monitors & Alerts
  • Comstore & Scripting
  • Jobs & Policies

Built to Be Reliable

Whether you support 100 devices or 10,000, Datto RMM is designed to scale with your business while maintaining the performance you need to resolve IT issues quickly and efficiently:
  • Track record of 99.99% uptime, millions of managed devices, fast and effective onboarding
  • Scalable with no limits on the number of endpoints you can manage
  • Unlimited access to our award-winning 24/7/365 technical support

Intuitive User Experience

Datto RMM enables your technicians to remotely connect to endpoints extremely fast to fix issues without having to visit the client. Detailed dashboards and reports help technicians quickly understand what issues to prioritize and capture trends. These dashboards also make it easy for MSPs to showcase the work they’ve done and demonstrate their value to clients. Here are some key aspects of Datto RMM’s user experience:
  • Modern HTML 5 remote takeover
  • Insightful dashboards and reports
  • Easy to learn for new and experienced technicians

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