Datto Continuity for Microsoft Azure (DCMA) for MSPs

por Datto Inc

Enterprise-grade Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery for Microsoft Azure

Datto Continuity for Microsoft Azure is a comprehensive, secure, and reliable business continuity and disaster recovery solution, purpose-built for MSPs.

Delivered for a flat monthly fee, it offers hourly replication to the secure and isolated Datto cloud so you can instantly recover clients’ Azure workloads during downtime, cyber-attacks, or outages.

What's included

Reliable Business Continuity for Azure

Minimize single-cloud risk with hourly replication to the Datto Cloud. Flexible recovery options include full metadata restores that do not require manual intervention. Perform a file restore and virtualize in the Datto Cloud in seconds.

Secure Offsite Azure Backup & Recovery

Datto Continuity for Microsoft Azure is built on an immutable cloud architecture with encrypted discs, ensuring you can provide secure Azure backup services to your clients.

Predictable Costs

Flat-fee pricing with no charges for egress, compute, and data storage. With Datto Continuity for Microsoft Azure, you know exactly what your expenses and profit margins are.

Purpose-Built Features for MSPs

Easily manage client data protection at scale while creating new revenue opportunities for your business. A turnkey solution, it provides your clients with complete Azure BCDR protection as they leverage the scalability and efficiency of the public cloud.

About Datto

Enterprise-grade IT Technology, Built for MSPs and Your Clients

Datto provides enterprise-grade technology for MSPs and their clients to protect their business data, ensure ongoing connectivity and provide secure file collaboration and endpoint backup. Our integrated, scalable, and innovative suite of hardware and software solutions work together to drive success for MSPs of any size.
Your clients will be connected, secured, and instantly restorable with:
  • Protection from ransomware
  • Business continuity solutions for physical and virtual systems
  • High-performance networks with military-grade security
  • Protection of business-critical cloud and local data

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