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CITY AI allows regular CCTV cameras to become smart and power tool for mobility & security analysis


CITY AI is a very nice and elegant tool to make your CCTV smart. No need to purchase expensive equipment, no need to change your infrastructure, just use CITY AI as an upper layer on top of your current database and enjoy smart insights to come. 

CITY AI is a set of neural networks and algorithms, developed by Discoperi, with a purpose to help governments, municipalities, road management operators, parking operators, airport operators with optimization of their transportation infrastructure, lowering congestion and improving mobility experience and safety of citizens and clients. 

Regular tasks, which CITY AI is ready to support you with:

  • Counting number of vehicles

  • Vehicle plate numbers identification

  • Finding a stolen vehicle

  • Assessment of road quality and potholes

  • Understanding vehicle behavior 

  • Assessment of vehicle riskiness by type

  • Finding a parking spot & navigating clients there

CITY AI may be applied both for historical (archive) as well as live streaming analysis.

Description of the offer

Contact us now to get a testing of CITY AI now. Get a quote on an individual solution, which will make your CCTV infrastructure smart. 

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