Trade and Supply Chain Digitisation on Blockchain

por DLT Ledgers

Microsoft preferred solution

Blockchain platform for automating supply chain operations, trade execution, and bank connectivity.

This is the world’s leading independent blockchain platform for trade and supply chain digitisation

With over 4500 registered organisations participating, this award-winning blockchain platform has successfully executed over USD 2.5 billion-worth of cross-border transactions. It dramatically improves transparency for all trade participants, including buyers, sellers, finance providers, logistics partners, ports, and regulatory bodies.

Benefits include: 

  • Automating manual processes to reduce overheads;
  • Cutting transaction cycle times; 
  • Boosting business by up to 25% without increasing working capital; 
  • Slashing document preparation times by up to 90%; 
  • Enabling digital bank connectivity; 
  • Boosting transparency and traceability between supply chain tiers; 
  • Reducing risk; and 
  • Building a credible, immutable trading history that can lead to a 20% reduction in financing costs.

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