Decentriq Data Clean Rooms for Healthcare

por dq technologies AG

Data clean rooms powered by Confidential Computing for sensitive health data analytics

Unlock real-world data for healthcare innovations
Decentriq, the “Switzerland of data”, is a confidential data collaboration platform powered by Microsoft Azure Confidential Computing.
With Decentriq, healthcare and life sciences organizations can securely and compliantly analyze sensitive health data together. By enforcing compliance and control with strongest-in-market privacy technologies, Decentriq keeps the data itself confidential and inaccessible at all times during analysis.
Combined with an easy-to-use interface that fits into existing research workflows, Decentriq’s secure collaboration technology helps the healthcare ecosystem partner faster and unlock real-world data for new innovations in diagnostics, treatment, and patient care.

Benefits of Using Decentriq
  • Market-leading data privacy: Sensitive data stays protected by technology relied on by privacy-sensitive organizations including hospitals, research centers, pharmaceutical companies, and even the Swiss Army.
  • Partner twice as fast: Set up collaborations quickly across organizational boundaries, with no infrastructure setup needed and built-in compliance guarantees.
  • Fits research workflows: Integrates easily with existing research processes, teams and tools. Flexible analysis in R, python and SQL

Use cases with Decentriq
  • Patient journey analysis: Combine and analyze data sources across the patient treatment journey and measure outcomes — without revealing sensitive information.
  • Novel biomarker discovery: Life sciences companies can test biomarker models on multi-site and multi-modal data, without directly accessing patient data. Proprietary models stay confidential as well.
  • Early disease detection: Life sciences companies can train complex diagnostic models on disparate patient data while the data itself, and the model, stay completely confidential. They can also deploy these tools across sites without needing to set up new infrastructure.

Decentriq powers data collaboration for the world’s most privacy and compliance-conscious organizations, including the Europe-wide iCare4CVD cardiovascular health consortium. To learn about more ways the healthcare ecosystem is benefitting from confidential data collaboration, visit or get in touch with us directly.

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