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Drawboard Projects (formerly Bullclip) is a collaborative markup application for drawing review.

Your collaborative and real-time workspace for design review. Drawboard Projects helps architecture, engineering and construction teams globally save valuable project time by streamlining workflows in the design review lifecycle.

Visit to get a trial for your team.

  • Mark up on the move: Forget pen and paper with fast and accurate markups
  • Cloud collaboration: Collaborate with your team in one location and from any location, with markups synced within seconds.
  • Best-in-class ink: With Surface Pen compatibility, write your notes and feel the tactility of a pen pressed to paper with pressure-sensitive ink
  • Instant co-ordination: Manage and mitigate issues with real-time drawing coordination
  • Fits your flow: App integrations to connect and improve your existing design workflow.
  • Discuss changes: Keep all discussions right on the drawing so that everyone can see the context behind the decisions that were made.

A Projects account is required to use this application. Go to to get started.

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