Synch Push To Talk


Secure communications suites for real-time Push to Talk (PTT), video, and location-based services

Synch is a secure, cloud-based unified communications suite for real-time Push to Talk (PTT voice), video, chat, and location-based services integrated with Azure Private MEC to deliver innovative collaboration tools for first-line workers.

This collaboration will provide enterprises with enhanced real-time communication capabilities, enabling them to unlock new productivity levels, efficiency, and safety across their operations.

Synch PTT’s unified communications suite provides secure Push To Talk, Push To Video, Chat, Location services, Safe Worker, and Task-based collaboration for groups and users, helping organizations and first-line workers execute their operations and missions more effectively and with high performance using private 4G and 5G networks as well on public networks when available.

The solution is certified to work on Azure Private MEC and integrated with Azure services.

Key Features:

· Push to Talk

· Push to Video

· Chat & Collaboration tools

· Presence

· Advanced Dispatch-Console

· Location-based features

· Safe Worker & Lone Worker

· Advanced management capabilities

· Open APIs and SDKs

· Variety of critical communication features

· Cloud-based or installed on-premise

· GDPR & HIPAA compliant

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