everilion centralized cloud platform integrates loyalty, sales management and payment solution

Everilion's centralized cloud platform offers a wide catalogue of specialized SaaS solutions in the areas of Sales, Loyalty and Payments, fully adaptable to the needs of all types of customers and businesses, from large retailers or corporations to small companies.


Thanks to the great flexibility of the platform, the efficiency in time to market and the ease of implementation, everilion offers a differential customer experience, while minimizing the impact on the infrastructure and simplifying the adoption of new solutions or channels. In addition, its infrastructure based on Microsoft Azure services is designed to ensure security, scalability and resilience.


The wide range of everilion solutions covers the entire end-to-end cycle of a business's processes, from customer acquisition and loyalty to the sales process and its corresponding payment. In this way, any business has the possibility of combining and activating any of the available modules according to its needs, such as customer loyalty with tools to create customer acquisition and retention campaigns, use of coupons, points programs, etc. On the other hand, the ERP and POS modules together with other specific physical or digital sales channels (kiosks, mobile phones, Marketplace, etc.), cover the experience of the sales process and store management. Finally, the different payment tools include the use of a wide catalogue of payment terminals as well as the activation of everilion’s own online payment gateway.


All the modules available in everilion are accessible as SaaS and are integrated with each other thanks to a central piece "ignite enabler" in charge of orchestrating and monitoring everilion's own solutions as well as facilitating integration with any third-party system.

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