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Intake+ A Government Client Portal for Grants and Contracts Management

Simplify the application process for your funding initiatives

Intake+ works to create a straightforward process for your clients when its time to apply for grants and other funding endeavors. Public sector organizations are constantly under pressure to improve the services that they provide to the public. With the rise of the internet, there is public demand for easy access to government services at all levels. To accomplish this, organizations need simple and efficient tools that can adapt with the ever-changing times.

Eperformance takes this challenge head on with the advanced electronic delivery tool Intake+. This extension to the Grant+ solution is designed to provide secure public facing electronic services to clients of any organization. Intake+ can help with the management of client accounts, online forms and grant process applications. This is an essential tool for any organization wishing to provide self service client interactions as part of their service delivery strategy.

With Intake+, organizations will be able to provide clients with a complete self serve process, including registration, submission, review of applications, completing claims and progress status reports. By connecting seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics and Grant+, the extension also allows administrators to create client friendly forms and applications without the need for hours of system onboarding.

Intake+ allows administrators to:

• Avoid clunky connectors and double data entry with integrated solutions for both clients and officers.

• Provide their clients with an intuitive platform for grants, making funding applications as easy as going to an ATM.

• Give clients a chance to see, manage and track applications, awards and assessments not only for themselves, but across entire departments, companies or agencies.


• Forms Manager – Create, design and publish a wide variety of client facing forms from competitions to permit management.

• Self Service Registration and Portal – Allow clients access to your system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere.

• Online Submission and Review Forms – Create and publish multiple forms for the same review or submission process, giving you and clients the chance to work in a more streamlined manner

• Account Management – Clients can not only access their personal activity, but could organize their entire agency’s grants, teams and users directly from the portal

• Interactive Help – Built in how to’s and help pages allow clients to find information easily and allow your client services team to focus on processing applications

• Integration with Dynamics CRM, Dynamics 365 and Grant+ interface – The entire process can be managed by an admin using Dynamics CRM, allowing admins to work in comfortable environments and reduce training time

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