Ephesoft Transact for Digital Mailrooms

por Ephesoft Inc.

Digital Mailroom automated sorting, classification, extraction and routing.

Digitize Your Mailroom Operations Today

Improve Inbound Document Handling and Automate Email and Paper Mail Processing

"75% of mailroom staff time is spent sorting and routing inbound mail".  Ephesoft reduces that time by 66% through mailroom automation.

Ephesoft's Digital Mailroom solution leverages the power of OCR and AI to handle inbound physical mail through a scanning interface, as well as all digital inbound documents.  Ephesoft Transact is a best in class Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution that has specialized functionality for high end corporate mailroom automation.  It essentially reproduces a mailroom workers task, and provides for the reduction of sorting time, and automated routing or mail.  It provides the following digital mailroom benefits:

  • Reduce the requirement for human sorting and classification of mailroom documents.
  • Ingest, classify and route inbound digital documents automatically
  • Reduce human error and lost mail documents
  • Create an audit trail for each and every document
  • Reduce turnaround time for critical government and time sensitive documents
  • Provide mail scanning / mail scanning services

The benefits of a digital mailroom solution have an expanded effect on any business looking to process and scan their mail.  Below are some key features that drive efficiency and results:
  • Automated mailroom document training through our learning interface
  • Flexible mail processing solution can support both high and low volume automated mailroom operations
  • Integration and support for our automated invoice processing and AP Automation solution
  • Integration with key workflow, RPA and integration technologies
  • Power Automate connector for mailroom solutions

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