Case Management System


Automate case driven processes with

Everteam offers a standard, scalable, open, and full-featured solution for the automation of enterprise document-based processes: is the tool of choice to enhance business performance, reduce cycle time and improve productivity. offers standard functions such as: 
  • Managing the processing of applications. 
  • Circulating applications from one actor to another via baskets. 
  • Ensuring trace-ability of actions performed on the applications. 
  • Managing the activities and distributing the load when necessary. 
  • Managing alerts in case of overload. 

Key Benefits: 
  • Flexibility
  • Adaptation to the organization needs and its evolution
  • A wizard driven interface allowing administrators to easily setup, test and deploy complex workflows
  • Short implementation time
  • Increased productivity
  • Immediate cost savings
  • Rest in investment in less than 1 year
  • Complete overview of the operations through advanced reports
  • Powerful monitoring features allowing: o Managers to optimize and reallocate workload. o Executives to be notified of KPI

  • Incoming and outgoing cases 
  • Productivity focused user experience 
  • Complete business case life-cycle 
  • Customization and expandable solution 
  •  Audit trail 
  • Online services portal
  • Business modeler 
  • Case tracker 
  • Internal & external integration 
  • Mobile usability 
  • Monitoring and statistics 
  • Security 
  • History 

This application is available in Arabic, English & French.

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