EY Spotmentor

por EY Global

Workforce upskilling and reskilling at scale

Solution overview:

EY Spotmentor uses market-leading artificial intelligence (AI) to upgrade organizations by automating workforce, upskilling and reskilling, providing visualization of organizational skill health, facilitating rapid upskilling, succession planning, and proactive career management. The key functionalities of the solution include:

  • Market intelligence: Identify the skills of the future for each role and generate a ‘success profile’ outlining the skills and competency levels required, using AI
  • Employee evaluation: Assess employees against the ‘success profile’ using various self and manager evaluations
  • Skill matching and reskilling: Compare the ‘success profile’ with the employee profile to identify skill and competency gaps, and potential career paths
  • Hyper-personalized learning: Auto-generate learning journeys, based on individual skill gaps for the current role and those identified in the career paths − The learning content is a combination of internal and external sources

Solution benefits:
  • Helps in identifying skills that are relevant for the future
  • Administers a solution for reskilling and upskilling at scale and at speed
  • Provides a fully-integrated technology leveraging leading AI
  • Includes leading learning academies
  • Reduces per person upskilling cost by 60–80% and assessment cost by 70–80%

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