Yield Terminal - Yield Management Technology

por F9Analytics, LLC

Dynamic portfolio-wide accretive pricing and prescriptive analytics for institutional investors

  • Yield Management technology provides Institutional Real Estate Owners and Alternative Asset Managers portfolio-wide variable lease pricing strategies; based on understanding, anticipating, and influencing, tenant/occupier behavior to maximize cash flow from operations
  • Built for Institutional Real Estate Owners and Asset Managers who function in a hybrid office environment and who require real-time pricing and communication (similar to Bloomberg) to achieve maximum operational performance
  • With applied mathematics, Yield Terminal™ makes financial engineering accessible to all team members, so companies can drive investment performance using dynamic DCF pricing and prescriptive analytics
  • With complimentary integration and data automation interfaces we help companies translate digital transformation into quantifiable investment performance

  1. Provide a competitive advantage in the accretive pricing of portfolio-wide lease initiatives
  2. Accelerate actionable price intelligence with instantaneous price discovery
  3. Facilitate real-time solutions that advance the speed from price, to negotiation, to contract
  4. Unify investment and operational performance with post-acquisition yield management
  5. Eliminate significant resource costs centered around optimizing operational analytics

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