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Improve the academic writing of students with instant feedback powered by AI.

What is Automated Feedback?

The pedagogical tool Automated Feedback on Writing, powered by AI, enables students to receive formative feedback on their academic writing skills based on criteria set by teachers.

Why is Automated Feedback useful for learning?

The tool allows teachers to save time and energy by reducing the amount of repetitive feedback. Teachers can focus on the content rather than the form when providing feedback. It also helps students to improve their academic writing skills by providing real-time formative feedback.

How does Automated Feedback work?

The Automated Feedback on Writing tool gives students instant feedback on the quality of academic writing in assignments, thesis, and other deliverables. The feedback consists of straightforward corrections, actionable inline feedback, suggestions, and compliments. The tool checks:

  • Content: Automatic feedback whether written work contains all required sections
  • Figures and Tables: Automatic feedback whether figures have captions and if they are being referred to in the text
  • Academic writing: Automatic feedback whether abbreviations are properly introduced and whether verb tenses are consistent.
  • Citations: Automatic feedback on reference formatting
  • Layout: Automatic feedback on the layout of written work
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