Fenestrae SDX


Fenestrae SDX is a cloud native, Office365 centric enterprise platform for secure document exchange

  • Guaranteed timely document delivery and contribution to achieve compliance objectives.
  • Integrity and reliability keep (customer) data safe and secure.
  • Improved efficiency of the customer journey, positively impacting customer service, resulting in customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Lower operational costs while remaining in full control, and valuable insights.
  • No need to change existing backend systems or processes.
  • Flexible for future needs.

The resilient Fenestrae SDX platform on Microsoft Azure is designed to run 24/7, 365 days a year, with an implemented set of global standards and management controls.

Why companies use Fenestrae SDX:

  • Fenestrae SDX is the proven alternative to fax or courier services for the guaranteed, secure exchange of sensitive and/or legally binding information.
  • Fenestrae SDX contributes to compliance de-risk.
  • Fenestrae SDX provides insights into what information is exchanged when and with whom for full control.
  • Fenestrae SDX delivers an immediate return on investment.

Fenestrae SDX helps organizations transform into a digital business, lower the cost base, and benefit from a simplified, efficient operation.

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