Finastra Global PAYplus: Corporate payments solution

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Finastra Global PAYplus - Immediate payments solution

Accelerating the Velocity of Commerce for Corporates.

Finastra has the broadest, deepest portfolio of proven immediate payments solutions in the marketplace today.

Immediate payments, combined with open banking and regulatory mandates like PSD2 in Europe, promise to revolutionize the financial services landscape, enabling financial institutions to offer real-time digital customer experiences based on immediate funds transfer.

To take advantage of this opportunity, institutions need to be able to connect to immediate payment networks to send and receive payments—and do so with minimal cost and system impact, in a short implementation time.

Enabling Payments Transformation and Innovation to Deliver Customer Value.

Finastra Global PAYplus provides the broadest and deepest suite of domestic and Cross-Border payment services, delivered on an Open Platform for innovation and transformation. - The solution helps financial institutions of every size manage all payment types, both within and across national borders.

Payment Processing and Real-time Network Connectivity.

Finastra’s immediate payment solutions are deployable in a variety of configurations tailored to meet the needs of financial institutions and their customers. Our solutions range from smart gateways, providing multi-network routing and connectivity, to end-to-end immediate payment processing solutions. Key capabilities include built-in digital channel integration, an microservice layer to take advantage of the latest innovations in API banking, stand-in processing to ensure uninterrupted service 24/7/365, and real-time intra-day liquidity and position management.
The modular architecture of the solution allows financial institutions to easily extend any configuration beyond immediate payments to support other payment types such as wires/RTGS, ACH/mass payments, and SWIFT. All configurations are available either on-premise on low-cost commodity hardware, or hosted in the cloud.

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