Loan IQ

por Finastra

The most trusted commercial and syndicated loan platform

The inability to efficiently manage complex loan portfolios causes high costs, lost revenue and unnecessary risk exposure, while negatively impacting banks' ability to meet customer demands. If you're struggling with fragmented loan servicing solutions, Loan IQ enables you to consolidate multiple lending systems down to one and comprehensively service your entire loan portfolio. Offered in an industry-standard technology stack, Loan IQ brings portfolio-specific functionality to efficiently manage everything from the simplest high volume bilateral loans to the most complex & syndicated lending – ensuring you offer a superior client experience than your competitors can offer.

A proven solution developed to meet the needs of the world’s most demanding lending markets, Loan IQ builds upon more than thirty-five years of collaboration with top industry participants to bring best practice methods to all aspects of lending.

Loan IQ alleviates the high costs of system and process redundancy within commercial lending operations, while bringing efficiency and rich functionality at every stage of the loan lifecycle, from deal management and servicing to trading and settlement.

Banks that run Loan IQ enjoy improved business agility to enter new markets quickly and easily with complete visibility across risks, performance and exposure.

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