PhishPrevent Managed Security Service


Turn-Key E-Mail Security for Microsoft Office 365 To Stop Phishing & Business Email Compromise (BEC)

Finchloom PhishPrevent is a comprehensive email security service that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office 365 to support users at companies of all sizes. Unlike other companies that provide only simple tools to report fraud or train users, PhishPrevent offers that plus real human-based user support and training to promote a culture of security. PhishPrevent is your partner in internet security, with knowledgeable staff and flexible support to help you achieve your security goals. 

Having Microsoft Office 365 without Security is like riding in a car without a seatbelt.  Our Managed Security Service, PhishPrevent, is a turn-key solution to provide security best practices for your Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions, and then train and assist users in spotting and reporting suspicious Emails.   We detect and respond to suspicious activity in your tenant to protect your business.

We start by applying Security Best Practices to your Microsoft Office 365 Organization.  Then, we deploy an Outlook add-in for users to Report Phishing and attach sensors at the mailbox level of Exchange Online.  Our technology looks for suspicious Emails that are both detected by Artificial Intelligence, and reported by Users.  Finchloom's Security Team reviews each submission to determine if it's safe and returns it to the user if so.  If it's spam or phishing, we immediately move the spam to your junk box and delete the phishing email and all other copies of it that may have come through.  In addition to that, we monitor for registrations of similar domain names to yours that could be used for impersonation attempts, and we watch your user's logins to seek strange logins from unusual locations or countries and report them to you.

This is a COMPREHENSIVE Full Managed Service to provide Security Best Practices to your Organization!

Our ongoing User Awareness and Education in PhishPrevent presents one security topic per month and delivers it to your user base in small digestible chunks - 3 times per month. We then have short interactive quizzes to check employee readiness levels and report to you each month on your employees progress.   Finally we hold monthly "simulations" of phishing attacks to test the user's ability to detect and report suspicious Emails and reinforce training to those who are lured - all intended to build a Security Culture at your workplace.

If you have Microsoft Office 365 and don't have security configured, this is the service for you.  Contact us now to schedule a free 30 minute consultation and breach assessment to see if you might already have signs of a breach in your Office 365 Organization.

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