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Unlock the power of the fastest time-series vector database, kdb Insights, a cloud-ready database and streaming analytics engine designed to build and deploy high-performance, data-intensive applications in multiple programming languages. 

kdb Insights optimizes streaming, vector, and matrix data analytic workflows into a unified, low-latency and low-complexity stack that supports modern business cloud requirements in the cloud. 

KX's purpose-built timehouse and AI management platform for temporal data enriches traditional warehouse and lakehouse stores with more comprehensive, real-time business insights. 

Offers come with Enterprise Support. Pricing is subject to kdb Insights and kdb Insights Enterprise usage policies below.

kdb Insights

Build real-time analytics with ease. Interfaces for object storage, Kubernetes, Docker, and Helm are provided, along with native support for Python, SQL and REST APIs.

Core features include:

  • High-precision nanosecond timestamps, time-ordered querying, exceptionally efficient aggregation across flexible time buckets, and lightning-fast time-based table joins.
  • The PyKX interface connects Python with q, the integrated programming language of kdb. It enables direct access to underlying data types, allowing analytics to be applied to extensive in-memory or on-disk data.
  • A set of micro-services to provide customers with the flexibility to easily integrate and extend powerful data management capabilities into their processes.

kdb Insights Enterprise

kdb Insights Enterprise is the fastest, most efficient time-series analytics engine in the cloud.

No delays, no data duplication — just the most productive, collaborative, and easiest-to-use time-series analytics, with the agility and scalability of the cloud. 

Designed for rapid real-time data pipeline and MLOps development, kdb Insights Enterprise benefits all types of users — developers, researchers, executives — across the Azure Cloud data ecosystem.

With support for cloud storage, analytics, and visualization micro-services, alongside Python, SQL and REST APIs, kdb Insights Enterprise allows developers and data scientists to build robust, data-driven business solutions quickly and easily.

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