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This solution is only offered in Spanish language.

Originate more and better credits in front of your clients in minutes from your desk, cell phone or tablet. Banks and microfinance institutions seek to improve their business processes to increase their competitiveness and improve their customer service. Microfinanciers, in particular, have the challenge of shortening the credit origination cycle: more clients in less time.

Formiik Mobile is a SaaS platform in the cloud (Sofware as a Service) designed to improve the productivity of personnel in the field.

Origination of integral credit
Formiik Mobile integrates into its credit systems to allow the capture, qualification and complete filling of a credit application directly in the field. Disburse faster and capture more customers without changing your current credit system.

More efficient analysts
Formiik Mobile allows you to optimize the operation of its promoters, analysts and managers; thus increasing the number of credits disbursed per collaborator. Formiik Mobile allows you to offer a comprehensive mobile office to your credit analysts. From your mobile you can review your current and expired portfolio, your prospects and applications in process. They can organize their activities every day in the most efficient possible way.

Money Collection and Debt Collection
The analyst can also track your money collections and debt collections both current and past due. You can register the collection directly on your mobile and even receive money integrated into the cash system of your institution. Improve your collection profile.

Optimize zones, times and movements.
Formiik Mobile's reporting and analysis platform allows you to continuously optimize your operation in the field. Identify when an area is ill-defined, review your analysts' journeys and times - even define a game that stimulates healthy competition among analysts. We improve your productivity.

Our operation in numbers: More than 5 million transactions per month, 3 million visits per month, 50 clients in seven Latin American countries 15,000 managers in the field working with mobile technology.

Formiik is a leader in Financial Technology supported in SaaS, which offers solutions that optimize the field origination process, its mobility and a chatbot that chats in financial language.

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