AI Assistant for Microsoft Teams

por Frameable Inc

Focus on work that matters and let Frameable’s AI Assistant take care of the rest

Focus on work that matters and let Frameable’s AI Assistant take care of the rest

Did you know AI-driven tools can reduce information retrieval time by up to 40%?

This is why successful, forward-thinking companies are adopting AI Assistant by Frameable to improve remote and hybrid work. Improve the Microsoft Teams experience, enhance productivity through faster information retrieval, and facilitate better collaboration with accurate summarizations of text communications using AI Assistant.

Our AI Assistant empowers your employees to efficiently find information using natural language prompts, freeing up time for tasks that require a human touch. AI Assistant analyzes public text communications, files, links, and calendar meetings for easy and accurate information retrieval, allowing employees to prioritize more complex work. Our AI’s ability to rapidly process information allows employees to save time navigating through irrelevant information, allowing for increased productivity and efficiency.

See how AI Assistant compares to Copilot on our website.

Leaders using AI Assistant say:

“[Overview AI Assistant] helped reduce burnout in my team by cutting down all the communication clutter and presenting us with what's truly important.” – Morgan

Why use AI Assistant?

  • Save employees time finding resources

  • Reduce employee burnout

  • Provide employees with accurately summarized text communications

  • Help employees prioritize actionable tasks

  • Facilitate better collaboration between your employees

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Frameable's AI Assistant requires a monthly subscription and is available on the Microsoft Teams desktop and mobile app.

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