For The Record - Multispeaker Speech to Text

por FTR, Ltd.

High accuracy, multi-speaker AI speech to text designed for court and justice applications

High accuracy, multi-speaker courtroom AI speech to text with the enterprise security and scalability of Azure Government. For The Record provides thousands of judges with rapid access to key content and provides online ordering, access and payment of court recordings to millions of citizens and attorneys, all on Microsoft Azure.

Why For The Record?

Over 60% of courts use digital recording as their primary record capture. However, on average less than 10% of records are ever accessed. Today a judge can’t review audio quickly to make a decision, attorneys are mailed CD’s and payments are in cash.

For The Record gives customers access to 100% of their digital record. Our proprietary methods deliver machine generated text of over 90% accuracy, including speaker identification in busy courtrooms. Text is time-stamped to audio for rapid review and attorneys can obtain approval online via a PCI-compliant payment process.

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