Churn Prediction Engine Data Machines

por FyrSoft LLC

AI powered churn prediction engine to proactively detect user churn

Challenges the product is addressing

Proactively detects user churn in B2C and B2B Saas applications

Continuously measure user engagement with six different metrics based on Context and Activity

Help increase customer retention

Help increase user engagement & Minimize loss of revenue by detecting chrun early

How the challenges are being addressed

Using a proprietary algorithm developed by PTG which measures a user’s engagement with the app based on the following metrics -

- Overall Time Spent

- Overall Actions Performed

- Overall Custom Actions Performed

- Overall Engagement with Different Areas of the app (Identified by the Context)

- Frequency of Sessions

- User Flow Patterns identified by leveraging NGram patterns on user activity

Multi-channel support – consistent user experience across all audiences/implementations & Fully secure, physically, and logically isolated, with data encrypted in transit

Product Highlights

Build your own churn prediction engine in minutes

Multi-Tenant platform that can enable B2B applications to provision automatic churn predictions to multiple clients with their own secure Churn Prediction AI model trained on their respective user data

Real-Time observability and governance to observe activity of users in real time or analyse historic data to review past activity and engagement

Combine Churn prediction AI with Recommendation Engines to address Customer Churn and Customer Engagement in the same process flow

Correlate Churn Prediction & Recommendations with user activity to assess effectiveness of recommendations (Additional Feature)

Simplified integration with your data and user experiences

Multi-lingual support

Self-learning, continually enhanced recommendations

Fast, operates at scale and in real-time & Built-in monitoring dashboards and insights

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