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GIEOM Digital BluePrint


A Complete Digital Change Management Platform for your Organization

GIEOM Blueprint - This blueprints your entire organization by digitizing your standard operating procedures in a graphical, easy to understand format.

It acts as a full training repository & communication platform. The impact analyzer helps to fully identify potential impact of change in one business element across the other business elements.

If something changes in the regulatory or operational environment, the system will intelligently diagnose which parts of the processes need to be updated / changed. Roll-out of the updated parts will happen, with a provision to take acknowledgement from users on the changes.

GIEOM also provides analytics, control and testing tools to allow Managers to monitor who effectively knows what.

Features & Capabilities

  • Business processes can be visualised graphically & can be published to users as per their roles.
  • The system provides a single platform to create, review, approve, and publish operating procedures.
  • Management can accurately identify potential impact of change in one business element across the other business elements (such as IT Systems, Roles, Processes, Regulations, Policies etc). This is achieved using a proprietary visual tool Ops Analyzer.
  • operational readiness of staff due to organizational changes can be assessed accurately.


  • Minimal disruption in business as usual due to rapid assessment of impact of any change to all business elements.
  • Reduction in cost of rework enabled by immediate change notification and employee acknowledgements on core transaction systems.
  • Reduction in cost of compliance due to improved policy awareness of employees
  • Lower helpdesk support cost enabled by enhanced employee competency
  • Lesser time and cost in onboarding new employees due to improved training methodology and knowledge assessments
  • Successful new product launches due to better informed sales and customer facing staff.