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GIEOM Digital Controls


Helps define controls in your manual processes to manage your business risks.

GIEOM Digital controls helps define controls in your manual processes to manage your business risks.

It gives information of the attached risk, their impact on a scale of 1-10, probability of it happening and the mitigation plan.


  • Reduction of Compliance breaches due to human error
  • Reduction in man-hours required for compliance verification
  • Reduction in Operational and reputational risk through automated Risk Mitigation Protocol
  • Lower Internal Audit requirements enabled by compliance self-assessment
  • Simplifies employee effort for compliance by diarized compliance task


  • Comprehensive regulatory compliance views with easy to configure dashboards
  • Human centric activities can be controlled and monitored
  • Integrated risk, compliance and process controls enabling easier operationalization of business controls.

Features & Capabilities:

  • Define operational/business risks - GIEOM’s Digital Controls will allow businesses to setup Human controls for people to follow & consistently secure process outcomes. example: Daily or weekly Self Attestation confirmations.
  • Implement confirmation protocols
  • The system will initiate actions based on the control definition for each role. Each action will seek an acknowledgement for completion of the specific task and optionally one or more evidences that show proof of task completion. It allows multi stage review and feedback for actions.
  • Track resolution of issues
  • Use interactive dashboards to track organization-wide status of compliance actions, and design interventions
  • Downloadable reports