Onboarding and E-Merchandising Solution - 100% Plug & Play

Glaze is a SaaS Solution that fully empowers business teams with an all-in-one agile solution to create dynamic guidance for online visitors, web app users, or digital customers by spotlighting the right content to the right visitor at the right time - driving adoption and conversions further and faster.

Glaze is an innovative new solution that allows you to enrich the content of any page of a site, without requiring any technical background and add any type of content (text, image, video ...) to contextualize and animate offers for visitors.

The benefits of Glaze are many: Glaze drastically increases the adoption of your solutions, increases sales and efficiency of business teams. Glaze helps to gain agility because the solution simplifies the digital production chain and avoids any cumbersome procedures.

Business teams can instantly translate their strategy into action and be proactive. It is no longer necessary to go through a phase of developments impacting the entire IS architecture (Information Systems) to customize a journey. In addition, enabling the solution requires no technical prerequisites once it has been deployed.

The innovative nature of Glaze lies in the proposition of a very wide choice of combinations of graphic options and activation criteria in the creation of personalized customer journeys.

The user experience is enriched and personalized, without increasing the loading time of pages or hindering navigation. The solution puts in place a non-invasive format (note, it is not a "pop-up") that captures the attention of visitors and stimulates interactivity with the content. The user is therefore encouraged to click on original content, which can be enriched with multimedia elements such as videos or images.

Permeability exists nevertheless between the Glaze and the page of the site, thus leaving the choice to the visitor to switch between the one and the other at any time to continue its navigation. In addition, the solution avoids abandonment during the visit because it speeds up the conversion: by responding more closely to the expectations of visitors, Glaze improves their level of satisfaction and naturally encourages them to continue their journey through the consumption of content and relevant services.

Main Industry targets: Retail & E-Commerce, Public Services, Telecom, Healthcare, Bank & Financial Institutions

This application is available in English and French and can be available in any other language upon request.

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