Consultation for the H2Ok AI IoT system with Spectral Sensors, ML Models, Edge Gateway or VM, and Insights Dashboard

por H2Ok Innovations

Optimizes industrial liquid and fluid systems with AI enabled precision automation

This offer is for a Consultation with H2Ok Innovations about how our technology can drive impact in your facility.

H2Ok Innovations IoT system consists of a network of broadband spectral-based sensors connected to an on edge computing transmission Gateway, which transmits processed data. The sensors collect real-time UV-VIS-IR reflectance and transmittance spectral data on the process liquid and send this to the transmission Gateway. The Gateway then processes and interprets the raw spectral data to obtain actionable parameters and values for properties of the liquid system as well as process control instructions. This data is sent both to the local industrial control systems and to the cloud, where data and actionable cost-saving measures can be viewed on the Insights web platform.

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