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Haivision StreamSRT Standard Annual Subscription


Haivision StreamSRT Standard (Annual) Subscription

StreamSRT is an Azure cloud-based SaaS for Enterprise customers that enables routing of live video streams via the SRT protocol (instead of RTMP or RTMPS) into the closest Azure region, over the Azure backbone network (instead of the public internet), and into the Azure region that hosts the customer's Microsoft Office 365 Stream's live events. StreamSRT maximizes security and quality of live streams while reducing latency, key requirements for enterprise streaming use cases such as all-hands and town hall meetings. StreamSRT supports the following Azure products/services: - Azure Networking - Azure Compute - Azure Storage - Azure Containers - Azure Media Services - Azure IoT - Microsoft Office 365 Stream By using the SRT Protocol over Azure for live streaming (instead of RTMP) Haivision StreamSRT provides: - More secure live streaming, thanks to SRT's use of AES (with support up to 256-bit encryption) - Higher quality and reliability transmitting live streams, thanks to SRT's use of UDP and latency buffers to deal with packet loss, jitter and latency and the SaaS's use of local Azure regions closer to the SRT encoder which minimizes live stream exposure to the public internet. - Push-button ease of use, when using a compatible, IoT-enabled encoder such as the Haivision KB Mini (v5.4 or greater). Haivision's StreamSRT Standard (Annual) Subscription provides customers with up to 100 hrs/month of single-channel video SRT ingest into the closest Azure region, transport across the Azure backbone to the Azure region in which their Microsoft Office 365 Stream live data is stored. A companion, single-channel SRT output for each live event is a configurable option. Haivision's StreamSRT service requires an SRT compatible encoder (or device), such as Haivision's MakitoX, KB, Play Mobile, Media Gateway or Haivision Media Platform. Haivision's StreamSRT Standard (Annual) Subscription includes access to Premium Haivision Support (M-F, 8-5 in select timezones). Haivision's StreamSRT Standard (Annual) Subscription includes a 12-month commitment, billed annually For more details and specifics, please see the Haivision's StreamSRT datasheet at www.haivision.com/stream .