Fridai Gamer Messaging SaaS AI Gaming UG

Game publishers can reach out to gamers in a more efficient, custom tailored way

Today’s gaming is so complex, that gamers are constantly distracted by having to look up new information about a game, such as guides or whenever they need to open a new software that does streaming or creates content.

These extra tasks actually eat up 20% of all gaming time - translating into 600 million hours wasted on distractions. This creates a problem for the gamer and a bigger one for a publisher, whose revenues are tied into the amount of hours a gamer spends engaged with the game.

We created a solution, using AI and voice technology, that keeps gamers attention on the game,  while giving publishers the opportunity to reach out to them in a more efficient, custom tailored way. We call our solution Fridai, the gamer assistant.

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