Healthy Heart - 12-Week Challenge

por Healthper USA, Inc.

12-week challenge designed to get you going on your way to a healthy heart and well-being.

Healthy Heart is a 12-week challenge designed to get you going on your way to a healthy heart and well-being. This challenge will help you understand how to take care of your heart best. You will have access to all the tools and coaching needed to get you going. No matter where you are in your journey, everyone can benefit from the challenge activities and pathways.

Key Heart-Health Features:

  • Baseline assessment to assess how well you understand your heart and how you take care of it. 
  • Post assessment to measure the progress you have made towards keeping your heart healthy after the participation in the challenge.
  • Biometric Screening (add-on option available).
  • Trackers and goals that are designed to measure and improve heart health.

Key Heart-Health Well-Being Features:

  • Unlimited & Personalized Telephonic/Email/Online Coaching including reasonable alternatives to create a personalized heart health care plan.
  • Heart-Health Education.
  • Motivational Quotes and Healthy Cooking Tips.
  • An inspirational community feed that delivers the tips to maintain a healthy heart.
  • Self-report or connect a device to measure blood pressure, heart rate, weight, physical activity, sleep, and more. 

Organizations can check their member's progress and reward them,

  • Reports that can be used to incentivize winners weekly and at the end of the challenge based on their engagement in the challenge. Pre/Post Assessment Analysis, Participation, Performance, and Engagement reports are also included.
  • Certificate: The first and second place participants get special recognition, and everyone gets a certificate of completion. Optionally, select to reward the participants with credits for redeeming their winnings in a rewards mall that consists of a variety of Gift Cards and e-Certificates or through the raffle, premium rebate, HSA contribution, payroll credit or a reward of your choice.
  • Challenge Promotion & Marketing Collateral.

Healthy Heart challenge is available in English and Spanish, and additional language options are also available. Email support has a 24-48 hour response time.

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