Return To Work

por Healthper USA, Inc.

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Return To Work is a comprehensive program to keep employees or visitors Healthy and Safe.

COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every individual and business. Employers want to make the return to work safe for everyone. Employee's anxiety is at a peak, and want to feel safe at the workplace.

  • Employers are looking for solutions that can do COVID-19 population management for vaccinated and unvaccinated
  • Employers are embracing temperature screenings, COVID-19 testing, screening, proctoring, social distancing, hygiene & safety equipment, designated quarantine areas at the workplace as a new normal.
  • Current manual methods of temperature screenings are costly and provide a management overhead with scattered reporting.
  • Relying on the self-recording of temperature does not give much-needed employee confidence. Employers require tailored solutions to their long-term organizational needs.

Return To Work program by Healthper is a modularized program tailored to the employer's specific needs.


  • Centralize your COVID-19 response management with reduced costs and improved visibility
  • Eliminates the need for internal or outsourced manual temperature reader function
  • Improves security on site with ai driven facial recognition and verification


  • COVID-19 population management for vaccinated and unvaccinated
  • COVID-19 test video proctoring (using Microsoft Teams)
  • COVID-19 Sell-Assessment screening questionnaire that is customizable to the client's COVID-19 protocol.
  • Instant response, email & text alerts with custom denial entry protocol.
  • Optional, artificial Intelligence-powered IoT device with facial recognition for Temperature Screening with accurate measurements under 2-seconds. Simple installation with multiple options (wall, stand, or desk).
  • Daily, and ad-hoc temperature exception report.
  • COVID-19 vaccination report.
  • COVID-19 Vaccination Self-Certification, and verification through Lab results.
  • On-site & at-lab COVID-19 antibody or rapid COVID-19 antigen test.
  • Personal for on-site manual temperature screening.
  • Integration with automatic entry doors & back-office security systems including access card, elevator, entry & timesheet management.

Customized plans available with covid test video proctoring or devices only, and customized program options available for Return To Retail, Return To Campus, and Return To School with discounts for Educational Institutions.

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