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Schedule your team smartly and quickly

The only application that companies from all the industries need in order to create and manage optimal shifts and also to get real time solutions for unforeseen situations due to lack of resources or their incorrect sizing and distribution.

Bring to work the optimal number of people at the right time and always according to:

  • business objectives
  • legal framework
  • internal rules
  • requests and availability

Main functionalities:

  • Flexible rules configurator

  • Real time notifications

  • Reports and schedule performance analysis

  • Mobile app

  • Automated timesheet to Payroll

  • Absence management

  • Dynamic allocation of resources

  • Employee preference and mobility

  • Predefined legislative framework

Why users like it?

  • Cloud-based - Microsoft Azure
  • Specially designed for the needs of the pharmaceutical industry
  • Integration with third party solutions
  • Collaborative and harmonized scheduling process
  • Smart schedules
  • Multi-location and multi-employee
  • Mobile app
  • Highly configurable
  • Library of rules
  • Easy to use

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