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Get an advanced Modern Data Estate (ADF, ADB, Synapse) in less than a week.

Hitachi's Empower managed service platform brings a full-featured Modern Data Estate to customers in week one. With our product, customers benefit from Hitachi's Generation 3 Data Acquisition and Mapping tools, which provide full management of standard Azure Data Services. These tools, offered exclusively with this service, provide a better way to build and grow a modern data estate. While your teams focus on mapping data into data models with our team, Hitachi keeps the core data pipeline running with a 24/7 NOC/SOC and advanced fleet management tools. Moreover, as a subscription model, customers can skip six or even seven-figure expenditures to getting started in Synapse/ADF/ADB at scale.

This solutions benefits:
  • C-suite and operations teams that want to build out operational reports and analytics quickly and cost-effectively,
  • IT VP's and Architects who desire to focus on value-added modeling/informational tasks, and not core data engineering requirements,
  • existing data engineering teams that want to streamline their jobs and processes with automation and APIs.
  • organizations using solutions from Microsoft’s industry clouds for Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing and Financial Services.

Business Outcomes with Empower for Retail:
  • Increase revenue through visibility to pricing/promotion and sales data.
  • Increase profitability through visibility to customer purchase history and ability to focus on high-value customers.
  • Reduced logistics /freight costs with visibility to optimal inventory stocking/fulfillment.
  • Ability to aggregate first-party data and 3rd party data to optimize reputation management and gain a deeper richer understanding of your customer.
  • Improve merchandise/brand performance by providing the merchandise team easy to use tools, simulations, and real-time data.

Business Outcomes with Empower for Financial Services:

  • Deliver on customer expectations for personalized experiences and instant product solutions.
  • Help business units tap into customer data more easily using cloud-based tools to compete with digital-native market entrants.
  • Speed modernization of legacy credit decision systems, approval flows, and customer service web portals.
  • Leverage advanced analytics to mitigate risk and reduce costs associated with omnichannel banking fraud and cybercrime.
  • Secure cloud attack surface area with enforceable standards via Infrastructure as Code (IaC).
  • Lower cloud investment costs with best-practices Azure governance and AI-enhanced continuous monitoring/alerting.

This solution solves the general problems with traditional modern data estate implementations which include:
  1. Significant capital expense ($500K+)
  2. Long timeline to production
  3. Lack of skillsets to manage the data estate
  4. Long requirements gathering with end-users
  5. Understanding complexities with modern data estates

Azure Components Active in the Solution:
  • Azure Data Factory
  • Azure Synapse
  • Azure Databricks
  • Azure Data Lake Gen 2
  • Azure Key Vault
  • SQL PaaS
  • Azure Monitor
  • Azure Networking
  • Azure Kubernetes Service

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