Hitachi Solutions Business Rules Engine

por Hitachi Solutions

Allows for scripting capability but a higher and more abstracted level.

The Hitachi Solutions Business Rules Engine allows system customizers to create and and manage condition based rules in Microsoft D365 via a user friendly UI. At a high level, a rule defines some aspect of the CRM behavior. Rules are intended to assist with and influence the behavior of the users in a positive manner. A rule consists of variables, conditions and actions. The only required element is an action which basically "does" something. Conditions evaluate to true/false and simply determine whether or not to perform the defined actions. Variables allow for defined logic to be re-used throughout the rules engine. Leveraging the Hitachi Solutions Business Rules Engine, system customizers can focus on the business needs and not worry about how to code solutions. With a clean and easy to use interface, a user can configure the logic, write useful comments, evaluate the rules and then easily deploy.

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