VSM 4.0 - Digital Value Stream Mapping


Digital Value Stream tool for digital lean management in manufacturing and supply chain

The new VSM 4.0 Value Stream Modeler software application is an Industry 4.0 digital collaborative work environment for lean management teams. It provides manufacturing companies a digital solution to optimize their delivery processes. VSM 4.0 supports multi-dimensional analysis, which allows to integrate small process pieces into an enterprise VSM map. Furthermore, VSM 4.0 furnishes the integration with live IoT data to permanently benchmark reality versus target, it highlights performance discrepancies and suggests automatically further improvement cycle focus.

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  • Digital Value Stream Analysis and Value Stream Design with full flexibility through touch-based paperless modelling
  • Multilevel view and data aggregation for easy collaboration between management, lean experts and shop floor
  • Project and value stream overviews as well as graphically p