Imory digital Newsroom

por Imory GmbH

Imory stands for the digital editorial newsroom with an agile thematic theme

Why Imory?

  • Imory offers a central platform that maps all processes, tasks and functions of modern communication management.
  • Imory offers digital editorial brand management for corporate communication, PR and marketing. The focus is on the mapping of editorial processes and the dismantling of existing silo solutions.
  • With our knowledge of the processes and modern IT technologies, a sophisticated solution has been created that enables Imory customers to digitally transform corporate communications within the Microsoft environment.

Imory is the holistic digital newsroom for corporate communications and marketing on one platform.

Our approach: One Platform - all Channels - all Targets - all in Microsoft.

Imory is an innovative cloud service solution to plan, produce and publish all corporate communications activities and content in editorial structures in an agile, efficient and clear manner. And this across all relevant channels, internally and externally.
All communications and marketing content is bundled in Imory and is available at all times to all communicators, from corporate editors to frontline workers.
In Imory, agile task management is combined with powerful workflow capabilities. The integration of O365, Sharepoint, Teams, Yammer/Viva Engage are the basis for communication processes in enterprise companies.
Planning, production, publication and monitoring of central corporate messages are coordinated transparently in our digital newsroom.

With Imory, every company becomes a media enterprise. Media presence is the basis of effective brand management. Planning in topics and formats increases media visibility and boosts competitiveness.
Imory makes communication. digital.simple.better!

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