Imredi Audit

por Imredi

The Imredi Audit software is designed to audit stores, collect and analyze data, control employees.

This application is available only in Russian language. The Imredi Audit software package is designed to audit stores, collect and analyze data from retail outlets, and control field employees. The Imredi Audit bundle of mobile application and cloud service allows you to automate the process of auditing checked stores for compliance with specified requirements: create questionnaires, set a list of objects to be scanned, create routes, set tasks for checking and track their status, and generate the required analytical reports based on the results .Using the Imredi Audit software package will automate the retail audit management process, ensure effective and transparent control and management of the field sales team during the audit and, ultimately, improve the quality of the services provided, strengthen competitive advantages, increase customer loyalty and ensure network development and revenue growth.

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