Intelligent Business Email & Communication


The next-generation workflow, analytics, and email case management platform

This application is available in English

Solve thepain points of shared mailboxes, boost productivity, and optimise communication and customer service with Inbotiqa’s YUDOmail - the next-generation email, workflow, analytics, and case management platform.

The core YUDOmail platform sits on top of Outlook or any existing email system to provide comprehensive tracking, task allocation, case management, auto-routing, chat, management insights, and further capabilities to transform the world’s primary business communication channel.

Suitable for SME users upto Enterprise.


TRACK EMAIL AND TASK OWNERSHIP - Responsbility and accountability with a clear history of ownership and every email tracked to completion.

A SINGLE CASE HISTORY AND COMPREHENSIVE AUDIT TRAIL - Every email, attachment, chat, internal comments, and action linked to a case held in one place.

REPORTING DASHBOARD - Real-time metrics and in-depth analytics to monitor performance and identify bottlenecks.


REDUCE EMAIL VOLUMES - Auto-closure of non-essential items can reduce email volumes by over 40%.

IMPROVE CUSTOMER SERVICE - Faster turnaround times and case completion.

CUT TIME SPENT MANAGING EMAILS - Employee time spent managing emails can be reduced by over 50%.

ENABLE REMOTE WORKING - Optimise asynchronous and distributed working with comprehensive case management and total transparency.

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