Dynamic POI and Price Data of Gas Stations worldwide

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Provision of master and price data of gas stations worldwide

Xavvy fuel is the leading source for Fuel Station POI and Price data worldwide and specialized in data quality and enrichment. We provide fuel prices for more than 100'000 stations across Europe.

Thanks to our real-time prices, you assist your customers in finding the best gas and diesel prices at gas stations to optimize their fuel costs and minimize their CO2 emissions.

Next to real-time data, historical data and forecasts are available, too. As a result, our price data supports customers from various sectors to gain more valuable insights on the fuel market and its development. Moreover, they form an unparalleled basis for strategic decisions like pricing or expansion.

At the same time, due to high price coverage and accuracy, suppliers such as navigation software manufacturers can increase their market share and profit margins by significantly improving the customer experience.

At a glance:

· Supported Fuel Types: Diesel, Super E5, Super 98, premium fuels, AdBlue/DEF, Hydrogen, CNG and LPG.

· Price Information: > 500 million price reports / 1 Million price changes per day

· Delivery: country-by-country

· Information Scope: highly customizable to customer’s needs.

· Data Quality: 90% min. coverage in main markets

· Volume: >100K Stations / 500M Price reports per day

· Coverage: 49 Countries

· History: 5 years

Use Cases:

· Data Enrichment

· Market Research

· Competitor Analysis

· Price Analysis

· Price Monitoring

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