Onesait Efficiency

por Minsait

Technology to make energy, gas and water consumption more efficient.

Focused on both ESCOs and energy-intensive final users, Onesait Efficiency is an end-to-end solution designed for different use cases related to global energy management, sustainable buildings or regulatory compliance, delivering results in the short term. Minsait provides hardware developed by our partners with certified standards. In addition, offering our own management software, the services of all installers and energy efficiency specialists, we help reduce energy consumption. Our team of experts accompanies our clients throughout the energy management process:
• From the initial energy analysis of the installation, a detailed study is carried out to identify improvement points and choose the technical equipment that best suits the customer’s needs, with a fast time-to-market.
• Ending with advice on the process of change towards the new energy paradigm, with the inclusion of renewable energies, electric vehicles or active demand management.

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